Super Chunk

Super Chunk here, you've seen me as a puppy but I'm a big boy now! I'm not quite a grown up, but nearly...

Big boy now

When Zeus died we were all very sad and cried lots. At first I looked for him and wished for him to come home, but he had told me he was sick and feeling tired so I knew he really did need to go.

After a while I started to realise that it is actually quite fun being the only dog. I get all the food, all the toys and all the cuddles. I also get to lick mummy's plate every time she has food, and help her eat her food too! Sometimes mummy actually cooks me my own plate of human food!

I learnt a lot of things from Zeus before he had to leave and because of that, I have grown up into a friendly and well behaved boy. I like apples, tomatoes, chips, peanut butter toast, and all sorts of things!

I go for lots of exciting walks now that I don't have to look after Zeus so much. I can run, and roll, and swim, and play with sticks! Big sticks though, little sticks are not as much fun. I like them like this -

Today's walk was extra special fun because the sun came out after several days of rain. To be honest, I didn't used to like the sun because I get very hot very quickly, but since I learnt to go in the water to cool down, I love it! I can run and play and roll, then go into the water to swim and cool down before running and playing again! Today I took my favourite rope toy out with me so we could pay tug on the grass!

Tug o' war

Tug o' war

Tug o' war

Sometimes I play with my rope toy on my own too...

After all this running around, a boy needs to cool down with a nice swim...

And there's nothing like a good cuddle, especially when I've just been swimming!

There's more fun to be had at home too you know! I have a garden and I love digging! All true Rottweilers dig with their noses you know...

Also in the garden is my very own stick that mummy and daddy carried home for me one evening...

There are times when my mummy works herself way too hard. She gets all sweaty and complains about being sore after... I keep telling her she should just chill, like me. But when she won't listen, there is no option but to take matters into my own paws and physically prevent her from doing it...

So that's me, for now... I'm sure I will be talking to you all again soon!

Goodbye Zeus

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