Zeus update

It's been a while since I've done any new pages for Zeus, who is now coming up to seven years old and still thriving! He's neither as slim or as fit as he was in these photos, and he's not the only one... we don't get to do our regular bike rides anymore, or our three hour long walks - the time simply isn't available now with all my other commitments. Still, Zeus is a very happy boy! We were at the birthday party of one of his friends today, it was hosted by Karli's old trainer who has known Zeus since I adopted him and she says she's never seen him looking so happy and healthy.

We had a long walk in the woods a few days ago and I took these photos of Zeus while we were there - you can see just how happy and full of health he is!

In contrast to this high level of activity, here is a photo I took just now -

Goodbye Zeus

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