About me, who I am now

For a very long time this was my page about me. Suddenly I realise it no longer fits so I decided to write a new page that is more up to date. The old one will always have a place on my site as it is part of my journey, but I am not that person anymore so it has become my history page.

So, who am I?

I'm a strong, passionate, and caring person who has overcome a massive amount of adversity to get to where I am now. Most of the time I am positive, happy, and enjoy life. There are some aspects of my life that are not as I would like them to be but there is no one else I can blame for this; It is my responsibility to make my life into what I want it to be and I am working on it.

There are "a few" cats living here, and a dog. They may all be just a little bit spoilt...

I like butterflies and the symbolism of them, I also like reading and sharing inspirational quotes. I do whatever I can to help other people and animals but have very little time for people who refuse to accept responsibility and help themselves. I naturally distance myself from negative people.

I detest animal cruelty and child abuse; deliberately causing harm to any living thing is just wrong and unnecessary. There is never any justification for deliberately harming another.

I have a special connection with birds which started initially with crows and progressed to include a very special relationship I have developed with a local pair of swans, Missy & Sage, who you can meet HERE.

Sage swan

I have very varied musical tastes that really cannot be categorised. TV bores me; I don't understand why so many people waste their lives by sitting in front of it. Radio DJ's irritate me. Recently I have been listening to a couple of podcasts, but only really as background noise when I'm doing something.

My goal in life is simple; to keep getting better and stronger - I'm a dedicated gym visitor (spare bedroom is my own gym with various bits of equipment I've accumulated over many years) and eat in the best way possible to strengthen and improve my physical body and healt. I read to learn and improve my knowledge. I work with my inner / higher self to develop myself spiritually. I meditate regularly to improve my mental health. I am, and always will be, a work in progress, always changing, always developing, always getting stronger.