It goes by many names - spiritual healing, hands-on healing, energy healing, and then some. The most well known type of healing, is probably Reiki - but what is it? Everyone and everything has an energy field, in human beings it is controlled by our chakras, and to be functioning at maximum capability, this energy field needs to be properly balanced. Unfortunately it's all too easy for daily events in our lives to knock it out of balance, and when this happens, problems start to occur - illness, stress, tiredness, emotional issues; they all have an effect. Although the majority of visible problems can be and are usually dealt with, the invisible imbalance of our energy fields often go undetected. The easiest way to describe healing, is as a re-balancing of our personal energy fields, through channelling the natural energies that surround us. Healers do not, if they're doing things correctly, use their own energy - they simply tap into and control something that is all around us.

A lot of people are skeptical about healing, and whether it works (or even exists!) or not, and that is their choice - but, I write based on my own experiences, and my experience of healing is that it definitely does work. I first sought healing after seeing an advert in my local paper, I'd never heard of it before, but was going through an extremely emotional time and was finally coming to accept that I couldn't fix everything myself, and did sometimes need help. So, I reached out for help, and the benefit I gained from the healing I received enabled me to take great steps forward in my life - in fact, I went on to train as a healer myself. The act of healing others has a healing effect because as the energy is channelled through us, we share in its benefits.

Healing and reiki - healing has been practised since time immemorial and is a part of most religious and shamanic traditions. Recently, the teaching of healing has become more formalised and some healers now work alongside medical doctors in the UK.

Healing is often known as 'spiritual healing' because many healers believe it requires the help of the Divine, or Divine energy. It's believed that healing energy can be channelled by the healer to the recipient to promote healing in body, mind and/or spirit.

Reiki has its roots in Tibetan medicine but was rediscovered in the 19th century in Japan. Japanese theologian Dr Mikao Usui claimed to have received the secrets of rei ('universal') ki ('life energy') in a vision; his pupils brought the technique to the West via Hawaii. It's based on a concept of unlimited universal energy that can be 'drawn down' by practitioners and channelled into areas of the body where healing is required.

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"I had a dog many years ago and he had a bad case of hip dysplasia and because he was a puppy the vet told me to have him destroyed but just by luck id bumped into a spiritual healer and he said to give him the puppy for a week and he would try to heal him and then he went back to the healer once a month and to the vet for his tablets every six weeks but although the hip problem remained it wasnt as noticable (and to put it bluntly) before i went to the vet the could hardly walk after he had healing he walked normaly and he lived a full life, i hope this is of some help... positive energy.... "