Dozy puppy

Meet Chunky - full name, Chunk Rottweiler-Short (as found on Facebook).

Chunks was born on August 14th 2010 and we first met him when he was just three weeks (well, two weeks six days) old - he moved in with us when he was seven weeks old. One of the first things he did when we got him home was find and steal one of Zeus's bones; much to Zeus's disgust.

7 weeks old

At first Zeus just tolerated this new puppy, but they are now good friends. Once Zeus stopped being a grumpy old man and realised he could play with pup, everything clicked into place.


Both dogs are enjoying the snowy weather we have at the moment.

Snow nose!

Chunky is now four months old and is growing into a very well behaved and healthy Rottweiler boy. More to follow as he grows.

Goodbye Zeus

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